This may be Good Bye

I am having a small dispute with WordPress over the cost of my hosting for this site. If that doesn’t get addressed adequately between now and March 9th I will be forced to shut down this blog. I am retired and this has gotten to be too expensive for my budget.

There is also the fact that I have done you my readers an injustice by not posting frequently enough. I had great plans to post weekly this year and be more active then I came down with a bad cold in early January and I haven’t had the energy to post or do much of anything. I know I am getting older but I have never had a cold last this long before. I’m still not completely over this cold though I am slowly getting my energy levels back up.

Maybe I will do something on Facebook to document my ham radio adventures. I’ll have to explore that avenue. I suspect it will be somewhat limiting but t least it i free.

So, if this blog suddenly disappears you will know what happened.

Best of luck to all of you and 73.


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