If you build it they will come

I’m reminded of that line from Field of Dreams – “If you build it they will come“. I believe that line was from Shoeless Joe Jackson (played by Ray Liotta) but I’m not sure.

It doesn’t matter who said it. I still feel like Kevin Costner did in the movie. I have a love for Amateur Radio and QRP field work especially. I have built QRPguy and now I have to see if anyone will come. So far I have been working on the look and feel along with the feature set for QRPguy.net. I have been fine tuning my radio setups, antennas and adding images to my gallery for use on the site. I am still adding features but I am also ready to add content and word is slowly getting around that the site exists. Encouraging? Yes, but I’m still nervous.

I am creating a community here and I hope to see it grow to become one of the best places on the Internet to obtain information about QRP operating. I’ve already gotten some positive emails from people about what is happening. I thought there was a need for something like this and hopefully I am right. Now if everyone will just participate I will be able to relax and sleep at night again.

If you have any suggestions for content or things you would like to see then please email them to marshall@gotspeech.net.

In the meantime, I’ll be setting here nervously waiting to see if they will come.

12 thoughts on “If you build it they will come”

  1. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m am very much aware of Thomas’s website and although we are friends, our content will differ. The Alerts and News category may have some overlap some as it is mostly current event type stuff of interest to QRP or hams in general.

    All I can ask for is for you to hang a round and give me a chance to grow the site and earn your loyalty.


    1. Marshall, sure I will be looking for your post. Like I said I like seeing articles about QRP. Thomas wrote mostly about park activation with some info on the gear as you know.

      There is room for more on QRP.

      thanks, ron, n9ee


      1. I don’t have the budget that Thomas has and my site isn’t big enough (yet) to have vendors provide me with items to review. So, if you have any ideas that you would like to see me blog about then feel free to speak up and let me know.

        I have gotten a lot of QRP gear ideas from Scott and I will be staying a few miles from him in May while the XYL and I are on an extended vacation. We are talking about meeting up and doing an activation together if the stars align just right.

        Thanks again for your comments and following my blog. Spread the word.


      2. For as much as I would like to meet up with you in North Carolina, I believe you meant Thomas, K4SWL. I hope it works out for you both!


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  2. Scott,

    Yeah, I meant to write Thomas.

    I don’t know where that came from but I am disappointed that you won’t drive down from PA to activate with me. LOL

    It has been 12+ years since I blogged regularly and I am still rusty at this.

    72 my friend.


  3. Marshall, maybe some advice, Thomas writes about activations of parks. As you know there is much more to QRP than park activation. They can be fun, but going to parks just to setup and have fun with friends is enjoyable, Marry a picnic with your local club and even more fun.

    Also QRP from home is fun. I have a few HF rigs, IC7610, IC7300, FT991, IC7200, IC718 (yes I have too many rigs although most dont agree, hi), but I like dragging out my IC705 or X6100 or even the old 2004 FT817 and working QRP from home. In the back yard is an excellent place to work. I like experimenting with antennas, I am critical of antenna performance more than SWR reading.

    So there is room for more QRP articles.

    73, ron, n9ee/r


    1. I am in full agreement Ron,

      All of my POTA hunting has been on the X6100 since I got it a month ago. I have been using it in the house on the window sill next to my coax pass thru using a short RG316 jumper. I have also used it in the backyard and I really enjoy hunting from the yard when the weather permits. My G90, IC-7300 and the FT-891 have been sitting pretty much idle since the 6100 arrived.

      I too like experimenting with antenna and seeing what I can do. I agree with Thomas’s philosophy of “more practice less theory”. My current goto setup is a hamstick on a WRC tripod or a metal stake I made. I’ll elaborate on this in a blog post soon.

      I get lots of field gear or kit information from Thomas and I enjoy trying to put together a less expensive version. His modular kit concept is pure genius. I have a small case the size of a lunch box for the 6100 that is all I need but I also have a tactical shoulder bag that I can drop the case into if the need arises. More on that in an upcoming blog post.

      I appreciate the blog ideas.



      1. X6100 comment.

        I got my X6100 around first part of January, made about 130 QSOs over 2 months. I have had major issues with it, dont like the tuning, have had it get so hot after 2 hours on rcv only, I could not touch it. It lost it’s program twice, could restore it for the rig has the system in memory so simply do UPGRADE. Found had to keep the battery charging off during operation for drew too much current, 700ma. My internal speaker blew, always had rcv audio distortion problems, finally when operating CW traffic net, had weak ops then strong one would come in a so distorted and blew the speaker.

        I then went back to my IC705, what a relief in operation, such a pleasure to operate. Guess dont know how well one has it until one tries other rigs, hi.

        I kinda like the X6100, cost less than half the IC705 and noticeable less than other rigs like KX2/3. So cannot complain about X6100,but I am kinda sorry I spent the money for it since I already have other rigs including a 2004 FT817.

        My last X6100 upgrade was 1/17, after hearing of later upgrades giving issues I thought would wait. I have not kept up with the upgrades, would like to know more of what is going on with Xiegu.

        I really dont like bad mouthing gear, but I am not so sure about the X6100.

        73, ron, n9ee/r


      2. I haven’t had any problems with my 6100. I would love to have a KX3 or 705 but the 6100 ws more in y budget.

        I’ll show more of it in some posts soon. I use a Bioenno 3AH battery but I keep the internal charger turned off and only turn it on when the battery needs a charge. No problems with it getting how but it has gotten warm.


  4. Off topic, but tomorrow is April fools day, so expect some bogus announcements like a new FT817 with tuner and large display or a new Chinese QRP rig for $100 or or new antenna for 80-10m with 8 db of gain, etc etc.

    73, ron, n9ee/r


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